Month: March 2011

Chocolate Pudding Cheese Cake/Entremet

 Here I go again with chocolate!! I love chocolate and if I could make every single post about chocolate I would (haha). No worries, I always will give variety :-) . After all this is Simply Luv pastries not Simply Luv chocolates, That’s not a bad idea tho? Anyway, if you have been following me on Twitter/@Simplytammycake , Facebook/ SimplyTammy Cakes or just following my post you would know it’s my destiny, yes! destiny! To become a Pastry chef . I love the  variety in the pastry world, I love to make chocolate , I love to make cakes , desserts , I love decorating cakes , cookies , Ice cream, pretty much all of it  but im not to much of a pie person but I’m working on it(lol).  For those of you that know me personally knows I have been baking  since a teen.  My mom stayed baking  up a storm  in the kitchen.  Between her and my grandmother everything was home-made and delicious, only thing I didn’t get from them is there way of never measuring a single ingredient and the cakes and  goodies always come out the same way. Not me, I have to measure(lol). The only thing I would say I don’t measure is when making biscuits, crust and cream cheese frosting , sad I know you dont have to say it(lol). So yes, I always had a passion for making pastries, as I read , research about more and more about pastries, I realize this is what I want to do.  Even tho Baking and pastry school is not an option for me now, because it’s way to damn expensive and I can’t afford it!! That’s not going to stop me from moving forward ( :-) ).  That’s why I created this blog, so I can share my love for baking and pastries with everyone ( duh! lol) . I’m not journalist or writer, so yes you might see mistakes and yes grammar may be off . It will get better with time(I hope).

I have been watching all these  cool shows, like Chocolate Wars and National Chocolate competions. I just  had to watch 1. I love chocolate. 2 Love the way they mold and sculpt with chocolate. Chocolate is just so amazing!! That’s how I learned about Entremets.  all I can say to my husband was ” OMG! I WANT TO MAKE ONE! So of course the next day straight to the internet to research all diffrent types of entremets with chocolates and with Joconde imprime (french term). Joconde imprime I will be making one of these later so I will explain exactly what it is when I post it.  I found a lot gorgeous entremets but came up with my own .


This is a chocolate layered cake (box cake mix) with  a layer of Chocolate  pudding (1 Jello pudding mix), which I used a little less milk to make it thicker and a layer of  ready made no bake cheese cake ( tub of ready made cheese cake). After layering the cake,(melt chocolate morsels in sauce pan on low heat until smooth) I covered it in  melted chocolate and let it set . I then melted some Chocolate candy-melts for the pieces for the decorations. Place parchment paper on the table and spooned out big drops of melted chocolate on the paper, then taking the spoon and gliding across the chocolate to spread it forward a bit. Before the chocolate set all the way, I sprayed gold luster dust spray all over the chocolate , it gave it a nice bronze color. After everything has set, I place the chocolate pieces all around the cake and broke some chocolate and placed it on top of the cake. I finished it off with some chocolate buttercream flower. I have been practicing my butter cream flowers, so much more to come in future post.

Here are some of the steps I used to make it. Enjoy!!

I made a square cake in one of the foil cake pans from the market and just cut it in half  and split each half for the layers. Once I finish layering I put a cooling rack on top of the pan to catch the chocolate as I poured  it over the cake. It didn’t come out as smooth as I wanted but its ok .


These are the chocolate pieces you see around the cake , setting with luster dust on parchment paper.


 My chocolate buttercream roses, I’ve been practicing!!

2011 National Walk for Epilepsy

Good Morning!!

Today is The 5th Annual -2011 National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, DC .

It will all take place at the National Mall in Washington, DC , there will be music , activities for kids and much more. If your like me and  unable to go. You can make donations on their website and find out more : . There is also meetup group called The NY Epilepsy Support network  that , that has created an event to walk in Central park for New yorkers in support of the walk in Washington, DC . Check them out : The NY Epilepsy Support network.

The NY Epilepsy Support Network will be walking:

When: Today, March 27 th starting at 12:00  

Where: Cedar Hill in  Central  Park:     (79th and 5th ave )

I can’t make it there this year , I will make it next year to support epilepsy that has been effecting my mom and sister for many years and myself  last year , but is more controlled now and havent taking medication or had any episodes in months. Doing a lot better thank god!

So check out the links and make donations and Support by going to walk today! Thanks for viewing everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 picture, info and links:

Hello Kitty Cake

Hey everyone back at it again!! Here is a fondant two tier cake I made for a special little girls first birthday(Happy Birthday Malia). As you can see its Hello Kitty. The cake was a remake of another hello kitty cake that was found on the web with small adjustments to make it my own . Inside of the cake is butter cream and strawberry filling with butter cake I used which I think(lol) is an  11-inch pan on the bottom tier and a 6-inch for the top. This fondant cake has hearts , pink and white flowers, butterflies, bows and roses all make out of gum paste , which I made ahead of time. whiskers are black  pipe cleaners I bought from the craft store. I think the cake came out great , as everyone know the hardest part about fondant is caring it  from the store and rolling it out (haha).  My arms  should have some serious muscle tone by summer (lol).  Anyway, I enjoy making the cake. Next cake post I will give step by step on how  made it and also videos coming soon. thanks for viewing lots more to come.


                 Here is a nice shot of the cake at the party , it made it there safe and sound , threw  1 hour and half traffic (phew)lol .

This was Malia personal cake , just for her(duh). It has 6-inch  butter cream frosting and butter cake  with heart and star rainbow  sprinkles and I used the 1m tip to pipe the border.


                                                                               Shot of the table set up with both cakes. It looks great!!

Top view of the cake, no whiskers and wanted to show the bow.


Cutting out all the flowers ahead of time.


Here are all the rest the little decorations I made ,flowers. roses, leaves and butterflies.


One of the bows I made, also out of gum paste, I watch a YouTube video that’s how I learned how to make this bow . I can’t remember the link.


And the bow that never made it(lol). The bow was way to big and it broke :-( .


Thanks for viewing !! Tell me what you think.

#Pisces Birthday cake

Happy Birthday Joy!

This cake is Green butter cream , Butter cake with butter cream filling . Joy wanted her Pisces sign on the cake and everything to be all green, I added extra colors to give a little pop since its green on green. The fishes and letters are made out of fondant, which I drew first , cut out and use as a template for the cake. Thank gosh for an exacto knife!(lol).  I use green airbrushed over the green frosting to make it a little darker.

 She loved and enjoyed the cake at her party. I love-making people  happy through my cakes.

Check it out!!